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Divorce can be the most turbulent time in any persons life. An emotional roller coaster, that can be highly contentious at times, the Nye Law Group, Ltd. will help you navigate your way through the process.



A warning for the faint at heart


Jonathan D. Nye, J.D.

The decision whether or not to get divorced is one of the most difficult decisions one can make and the results of such a decision can be life altering. Although our society, fortunately or unfortunately, has embraced divorce as a normal every day occurrence, to the point where one in two marriages ends up in divorce, the effects on individuals, families, and particularly children are enormous.

DON'T JUMP BEFORE YOU LOOK CAREFULLY INTO THE UNKNOWN. Keep in mind, the grass may seem greener on the other side of the road, but, life without a long term relationship which seems to be going nowhere may be better than the alternative. Whether your spouse has been untrue to you, you have fallen in love with another, you grew and your spouse hasn't, you just don't seem get along any more, or for any other of the million reasons people get divorced, divorce should be the path of last resort.

The process of divorce is a loose-loose proposition; surviving the process requires that you do all that is in your power to loose the least, emotionally, physically, and financially.

What do I mean by lose-lose? Well, clearly, when one seeks to terminate a marriage, the most obvious loss is that of the marriage. A relationship which was entered into at time where both of you were looking at life, and presumably each other, through rose colored glasses. One giant step toward a lifetime of fulfilling experiences, trials, and growth. A time where your love, interests, and goals were presumably the same, or like enough where one or the other of you thought that you could “change” the other to suit your needs (often a mistake.) Now, perhaps years later, the sparkle has left; perhaps one or the other of you have lost patience with the idiosyncrasies, habits of the other, or, your career paths have taken a diametrically different path. Your children may have grown and you suddenly see that the traditional roles you and your spouse have lived are no longer fulfilling to you or your spouse; you may feel cheated, abused, ignored, bored and/or at your wits end. Lets be serious, for most of us the tarnish of years results in a loss of that glimmer that you once had. There appears to be no choice… you've tried counseling, looking into your inner sole, changing your expectations, nothing works: you've tried everything, I mean everything, to revive, protect, fix, and/or work things out and you find that you have no other alternative … you probably do need a divorce. If I haven't convinced you to rethink your decision and give it another try, unhappily, I suggest you read on.

The decision is made, the last straw has broken the matrimonial camel's back, the decision is unhappily, or happily, made, what can you do to “survive the process”? That's what I attempt to help you do in this web page and that's what we strive to do for our clients in our practice. We hope to give you assistance through all of the decisions and options you may be faced with and to provide you with enough information so that you “lose the least” when it is all over. If, by the time you make it through this process you have but a smidgen of understanding of what your rights and obligations are when undertaking the prosecution or defense of a divorce, I have done my job and, perhaps, you will be better off for it; at least I hope so.

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