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Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is the process of parties being represented by their own lawyers, inviting mental health, child experts, financial experts, and other professionals to work together to resolve all matters between them including such matters as distribution of property, parenting time and responsibilities (formerly known as custody), maintenance, child support and other matters related to the divorce of the parties.

If the collaborative process fails, neither of the lawyers may continue to represent their respective parties and new lawyers must be hired and the case would then be resolve through later settlement or trial.

A Collaborative Process

One of the fastest growing area of family/divorce law is the area of collaborative law. Collaborative law is a process where married couples who have decided to dissolve their marriage and wish to work together to identify and resolve all issues, financial, personal, and related to the children of the parties, if any, in a cooperative and economical fashion. The collaborative process is designed to minimize the costs, financial and emotional, of the divorcing process and leave the parties and their families in tact but no longer married.

Nye Law Group, Ltd. has attorneys trained in the collaborative process and is able to assist you in utilizing this new and efficient mechanism for helping you and your family transition.

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