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Mental Health & Human Services Telephone Consultation Service (TCS)


Nye Law Group, Ltd., attorneys to Health and Human Services Professionals and their clients, offer legal consultation by telephone to individual health, mental health, and social service professionals for a yearly fee. The TCS service is intended to be a service in the nature of a “hotline”. It is not intended to be instead of legal representation, it is intended to be a resource for practicing individuals and agencies to get a real time reading on a practice concern without being worried about the out of pocket cost to make an initial contact with an attorney and to get an initial reading or advise. Peace of mind at your fingertips! Membership is available for individuals, group practices, institutions, not-for-profit agencies, EAPs, and formal or informal associations. The emphasis of the service is on primary prevention of professional liability, risk avoidance and loss containment. Ready access to information on the law of practice minimizes legal risk and maximizes opportunities to use the law creatively to enhance care delivery. Subscribers have unlimited telephone consultation privileges and their attorney can also phone us at their request.

Subscription Fees

Package Annual Pay Plan Monthly Pay Plan

Sole Practitioner



2-4 Professionals



5-8 Professionals



9+ Professionals

$120 per person/yr

$13 per person/mo

Pro-Rated Subscription Fees

If you are not signing up at the beginning of the year, we offer a pro-rated option for the months left in the current year IF you also subscribe and pay for the next full year. The following pro-rated rates are available for each package depending on the month you'd like the subscription to begin.

Package Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Sole Practitioner












2-4 Professionals












5-8 Professionals












9+ Professionals

$230 pp

$220 pp

$210 pp

$200 pp

$190 pp

$180 pp

$170 pp

$160 pp

$150 pp

$140 pp

$130 pp

View and download our TCS brochure below for more information, or give us a call.

TCS Brochure - Click Here To Download

To get started, fill out the TCS Sign Up Form or fax/email us the completed application/agreement from the brochure above.


TCS Sign Up Form

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