Maintenance & Child Support

Maintenance and Child Support are the financial obligations of one party to the other for the purposes of providing for the expenses of an ex-spouse or the children. Contact the Nye Law Group, Ltd. to determine if you meet the necessary requirements to be receiving or paying support.


Maintenance is what people may refer to as alimony. In the state of Illinois, maintenance is set by a statutory guideline as determined by our elected officials. It is based on the current earnings and earning ability of both parties and their standard of livings. Not all parties will be eligible for an award of maintenance as each case is unique.

Child Support

Child Support in Illinois is what is called a “straight percentage” determination. In Illinois, the parent that is the”primary residential” parent of the children will be called the obligee, the one who receives support, while the other parent is referred to as the obligor, the one who pays support. A percentage of a obligor’s income based on the number of children the parties have giving credit for certain items is used in making a determination as to how much child support should be. To determine if you are receiving or paying the proper amount of child support contact the Nye Law Group, ltd and speak with on of our attorneys.