Child Custody

Many people go into custody disputes with stories they have heard from friends about what is “supposed to happen”.  When child custody is an issue, we urge you to contact an attorney to get a realistic idea of what to expect.

In Illinois, the courts will not consider the conduct of a proposed custodian if that conduct does not affect the best interest of the child.

Know the difference between Sole and Joint Custody.

Sole Custody

The sole custodian has sole decision making authority in the areas of:

  • –Health care
  • –Education
  • –Religion

Sole custody doesn’t mean that you get to make decisions in regards to visitation.  A non-custodial parent is still entitled to reasonable visitation.

Joint Custody

Depending on the circumstances, this is what is best for the child/ren.

Joint custody allows for the maximum amount of participation by both parties with their children. Joint custody requires parents to cooperate and work together to provide a safe, happy, and loving relationship between parents and child/ren.