Nye Law Group, Ltd. has been successful in achieving adoptions for prospective parents in all the surrounding counties.

Our staff is trained to handle this sensitive time in your life.

Whether you are seeking to grow your family through adoption of assisted reproductive technology (ART) our firm is specialized in helping to achieve your goal.

In Illinois, residents can seek to have the following types of adoptions:

Private: Direct or Independent

Agency: this is when both birth parents surrender rights to their child and the agency takes over.

Agency Assisted: This is a combination approach to private and agency. In this case, the birth parents still surrender rights to the agency, however, they choose the birth parents. The agency is utilized for ease of process, education, support, counseling, and the like.

Interstate: This adoption occurs when the child resides in a different state than the adopting parties. The Interstate Compact and Compact on the Placement of Children must be complied with. The adopting parents have obligations such as completion of a course and must obtain a foster license.

Intercountry: This adoption occurs when the child lives in a different country than the adopting parties. In some countries, the adoption must be started in another country but completed in the United States. Agencies outside the US are involved. The adopting parties are required to complete the same course and foster license as described above.